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At VAM we concentrate on managing investments in the private banking, corporate, institutional investor and distribution segments, strictly following Banco Votorantim’s institutional guidelines with regard to risk control and management.

Activities that are not part of VAM’s core business are outsourced to partners recognized as being among the best in the market. This enables us to:

•  Avoid conflicts of interest and operate with greater efficiency and agility by focusing on the best solution for each customer

•  Contract out custody, mark-to-market activities and settlement of VAM’s fund transactions to independent firms so as to assure a more transparent and secure process

•  Have a team of fund managers with a fundamental vision

•  Have a staff of specialists with vast experience in the markets in which we operate – fixed income, corporate credit, foreign exchange, equity and hedge funds.

•  Guarantee discipline throughout the investment process

•  Focus on capital preservation

•  Pursue the best risk-return ratio within each mandate

With sophisticated management support systems for risk control based on policies and formally constituted committees that govern operations relating to asset allocation, product creation, approval of fund managers, evaluation of brokerage houses etc., we offer our customers tools and procedures designed to ensure that all investment portfolios carry out their mandates.