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Team of Specialists

Focusing on serving its customers with quality and agility, VAM offers not only its award-winning term of fund managers but also the comprehensive capabilities of Votorantim Wealth Management (VWM), enabling financial solutions to be developed in accordance with the full array of requirements that arise in each of the segments covered.

VWM, which resulted from an organizational restructuring process, is widely recognized for successful management of fixed-income funds and product innovation. It has won many awards and broken several records. Above all it stands out for unique solutions that fully satisfy the needs of investors.

The close relationships we build with investors enable us to combine the expertise of our professionals in Products, Funds Management, Economic Research, Risk Management and Compliance to focus on upscale, innovative and customized solutions without overlooking traditional products.

Below we describe what each team of specialists can add to the service provided in order to obtain the best results for investors.

Investment Management

Risk Management & Compliance